What The Food At Your Christmas Party Says About You

Some people love throwing parties, whereas for others it can feel like a major source of stress. At Christmas, a lot of people find themselves entertaining, whether by throwing large parties for all their coworkers, friends and acquaintances, or more intimate events for close family and friends. If you want to make a good impression when people attend your own Christmas gatherings, it is important to think about what the catering you provide says about you and your party. Here, we take a partly, but not entirely, tongue in cheek look at what your Christmas party menu or buffet says about you:


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Exotic or Ultra Luxury Premade Delicacies

If you put out all kinds of fancy, but clearly not homemade delicacies at your party, this shows that you want to be seen as individual and as having great taste, but that you aren’t really into getting your hands dirty. By having unique snacks at your party, you show that you want to indulge and impress your guests, but more with your impeccable ability to choose lovely things than your domestic skills! You are probably the kind of party host who looks amazing and spends their evening mingling confidently with guests, rather than rushing around looking frazzled as they dish out the latest slightly mis-shapen vol au vents.

Fancy Homemade Buffet

You bring out piping hot treats fresh from the oven periodically throughout the evening, and these are not simple things, either, but beautiful, elaborate snacks presented in a stunning fashion. Even the dips that come with your more casual snacks are homemade to your own secret recipe, and your plain crudites are jauntily cut into carrot roses and celery palm trees. By adding a personal touch, you are showing that you are creative and hands on. You may not have as much fun at your own party as other hosts because you are concentrating on presenting your food, rather than yourself, but your buffet will be the one everybody is talking about!

Chips ‘n’ Dips

If your plan for preparing the food for your Christmas party is basically to buy some jumbo packs of Doritos and shove them in bowls alongside some guacamole and thousand island dressing you have pulled the film off of, then this shows that you are someone who cares more about the people and atmosphere at your party than the food. Why should people need anything more than popcorn and chips on the table to snack on when your party has great music, interesting people, and plenty of drinks to loosen everyone up! You may not be seen as someone who has made a lot of effort or who is gifted with food, or someone who has spent a lot of money on making a good impression, but you may well come over as the life and soul of your own party.

Choosing what you should serve at your party can be hard, but really, people are more interested in having a good time and socialising, so any nice food you give them is a bonus! Remember that, and you are sure to have a great festive season!

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