Top Italian Restaurants in Sydney You Should Not Miss

Other than mathematics and music, there is one unexpected thing people all over the world share: love for pizza. You just cannot go wrong with pizza! From the dough, the sauce, up to the vegetable and meat toppings, each and everyone of us from different parts of the world have pizza preferences that we share with each other.


Of course, it helps that it is easy to get them delivered if you do not have the time to make one. But let us say you are on a trip to Australia, and you find yourself craving for that comfort food, what do you do? Getting it delivered to your hotel might rob you of a unique opportunity to explore and find the best Italian restaurant in Sydney.

With that in mind, we have listed down top Italian restaurants where you can get your dose of authentic Italian cuisine.

Restaurant Pendolino

Located at Strand Arcade, an old-world district in New South Wales, this award-winning Italian restaurant offers guests with a unique food experience, one that is done in a dark yet traditional and elegant mood. In fact, you might want to use your phone’s light while reading the menu. But it is part of what makes the restaurant such a charming and endearing place to visit. The romantic vibe paired with the traditional architecture of the surroundings and genuine Italian food makes for a very interesting dinner night.

Balla Restaurant at The Star

Of course, hotel restaurants are experts when it comes to authentic meals. The Balla Restaurants at The Star offers guests an authentic Italian dining experience, under the culinary direction of Chef Stefano Manfredi. Their modern twist on traditional Italian cuisine features a wood-fired grill and an extensive list of Italian fine wines. They even won three Goblets ratings from Gourmet Traveller Wine List Of The Year 2016 for their wine collection.


Lucio’s has been around for more than 30 years and has provided foodies an elegant, old school atmosphere paired with their delectable Northern Italian cuisine to keep them coming back for more. The dishes they offer focus on Italian dish staples like seasonal produce, seafood, and house-made pasta.

Fratelli Paradiso

If you want to feel like you are actually dining in Italy, then Fratelli Paradiso is the place for you. Other than serving authentic Italian dishes, the restaurant menu is written in Italian which the staff will recite to you at your table. It has been described as charming, but dark and sexy, which is everything that comes to mind when we hear of Italy.

These are just some of the best Italian restaurants in Sydney you definitely need to take time to visit. They have become quite an institution not just because of how long they have served great Italian food, but because of the service and quality of the dishes they provide.

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