Tips for Planning the Perfect Surprise Party

At best it’s always difficult to plan a surprise party, especially one for someone who is a close co-worker or family member who can easily eavesdrop on conversations you are having or things you have tucked away. However, with a bit of careful planning you can actually surprise them on their special day. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement or any other special day, the object is to take them by surprise and that’s just what you can do with a bit of well-placed advice!


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Tips for Sending Invitations

Before going any further, the one thing you need to be cognizant of is in restricting access to your email or social networks on your computers and mobile devices. In this day and age, more people send invitations online through email and messaging or on text messages with their mobile phones. If this is how you plan to send your invitations, be wary of letting the guest of honour use the device/s in question!

Planning Foods and Beverages

One of the most common ways to get tripped up when planning a surprise party is when trying to cook and prepare goodies for the guests. If the person the party is for lives in the same home with you, this is perhaps the one issue you will need to be especially careful of. What you might consider doing is booking refreshment party platters from a local restaurant that caters or has takeaways. For example, when planning a party in Laval, Quebec, you could locate restaurants in Laval that offer party platters served up in traditional ways so that no one will ever suspect that you didn’t make the food yourself and your family member or close friend will not step in unannounced, catching you in the kitchen.

Don’t Overdo the “Keep the Busy” Routine

Another common way of getting tripped up is in overdoing keeping the guest of honour occupied. Don’t make too much of ‘forcing’ them out of the house, or out of the office in order to get things set up and the guests in secretly. Plan your surprise party at a time when that person is most likely to be off premises and even better, at a time when they will be with someone who can keep them amused or warn you if they are to return earlier than expected. Everything needs to appear as normal and natural as possible if you want to truly surprise them. More people than not give away their ‘surprise’ when making too much of getting the guest of honour out of the way.

So you see, it really is possible to host a successful surprise party with a bit of planning, a good restaurant that caters great food and of course, the help of a few friends to keep the guest of honour out of the way. It can be done. Just remember that too much attention on keeping him/her unaware is sometimes worse than paying no heed at all to keeping the secret. But in the end, the sheer joy and surprise on that beloved face will make it worth all the time and effort. You’ll see!

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