Tips for Kosher Party Planning

It’s not always easy to restrict your diet. This especially depends on where you live, what’s offered most, the kind of lifestyle you live, your motive for this lifestyle, your religious beliefs, etc. The list goes on and on, and people have even more reasons than these to choose to eat, or not to eat a certain way.

With this being said, you’re a party planner, but several of your friends live a kosher lifestyle. How are you going to serve food at your party that everyone will enjoy, all the while keeping it kosher as to not offend your guests? Here are tips for throwing a successful, kosher party that everyone will enjoy.

Do Your Research

You are not Jewish, nor do you live a Kosher lifestyle. You don’t even know what kosher means. The first step in throwing a kosher party is to understand what that entails. “Kosher” in Hebrew, basically means “pure.” According to Jewish law, it is only okay to eat of cattle and other animals that don’t have “cloven hooves” or “chew the cud”.

“Chew the cud” means that animals regurgitate their food in order to enjoy it a second time. Tasty. Kosher animals are thought to be cow, lamb, sheep, bull, goats and veal. The most known non kosher food is pig, as it has cloven hooves. Another example would be camel. Although they do not have cloven hooves, they do in fact, “chew the cud.”

Kosher is not only a certain type of meat, it is also the way the meat is slaughtered and prepared. According to Jewish law, kosher animals must be slaughtered as accustomed by ritual law. This means the animal has to be killed in a way that enforces no pain. This entails an instant or unconscious death.

From the point of death, veins, skin and forbidden fats need to be removed. The meat is then soaked for half an hour and placed on a salt table for an hour to remove all the blood. Kosher laws include birds and poultry as well as dairy products. All products must be made from kosher animals.

Bring in A Kosher Chef

The list is rather extensive and if you’re already getting overwhelmed at the requirements, we recommend just getting someone else to do the cooking for you. By bringing in a kosher chef or catering company you’re guaranteeing that things will be done correctly, and you don’t have to deal with any of the stress. There are many options for choosing someone who can satisfy this need.

Take it to the Next Step

While you’re at it, why not make the whole party themed? Show your friends how much you love them by not only providing kosher dining options, but by paying respects to their history and ancestry by making your party themed in a way that will make them feel loved.

This could really be a way to take your party to the next step. It will not only help solidify your relationships, it will give you a lesson on culture and perhaps leave you feeling more enriched in your personal life.

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