The tastiest foods on earth

Being a foodie is not a crime and not a bad thing at all. Rather, it is an art to discover certain foods while travelling eat them at the right place and always be open to new things and tastes. There are so many dishes out there, waiting for you to try them. So, do not be shy when travelling, prepare yourself in advance by reading and then order those specialties. You will not regret it and that is for sure.

Napoli Pizza in Italy

Pizza comes in many varieties, but the best of all is Napoli Pizza, made of wheat flour of highest quality and sea salt, plus three types of tomatoes, olive oil, and basil and baked in an oven on woods. There is no such other taste. Well… may be lasagna tastes that good, as it is made of pasta with tomato sauce, minced meat and white cream sauce. The best way to taste the real taste is to stay for a while in apartment in Rome


Massaman curry in Thailand

This is the best curry you can try in Thailand. It comes spicy, offering a combination of savory and sweet tastes. The rice is very tasty and so is the curry sauce that goes with it. Another great meal from Thailand is Tom Yum goong, based on mushrooms, shrimp and tomatoes, plus cream and coconut milk.

Sushi in Japan

Many people claim to know how to make sushi, but the real chefs are in Japan. So, if you go there and taste this wonderful combination of rice and row fish, which comes in many varieties.

Peking duck in China

If you are heading to China, try this dish. The duck is roasted slowly and comes with a crispy skin glazed with special syrup. The meat is served with sauce of sweet bean, onions and pancakes.

Penang assamlaksa in Malaysia

This is among the most popular dishes in the country, based on flaked mackerel with chili and mint, pineapples and onions.

Shepherd’s Pie in Britain

This meal consists of a minced lamb, covered with mashed potato. It’s a symbol of Britain, just as the afternoon tea. This dish is rivaled by the much popular fish ’n’ chips, of course!

Kebab in Iran

The Shepherd’s Pie in Britain is rivaled by the kebab in Iran. It is made of meat on a stick, which is made on a grill. Yummy!

Croissant in France, Donuts in the United States, Maple Syrup in Canada

The French croissants with butter with some raspberry jam and a cup of strong coffee make the perfect combination for breakfast. So do the donuts in the United States! In Canada you should try pancakes with maple syrup – the taste is amazing!

Champ in Ireland

This is a national dish and it tastes better with a pint of beer. The specialty is based on mashed potatoes with butter, spring onions, salt and pepper. It goes well with fish and meat.

Seafood paella in Spain

In case that you are on a vacation in Spain, we recommend Apartment in Madrid where you could have a great time. Wondering about your lunch ot dinner a dish of paella can make your day while in Spain. Get this meal of mussels, cuttlefish, lobster and shrimp, made with white rice and herbs, salt and oil. Very, very tasty!

Barbecue port in United States

Tomatoes, chili, pepper, onions, herbs, salt – prepare the meat in advance and grill it. It is mouth-watering!

Tacos in Mexico

Small pieces of grilled beef, guacamole, onions, salsa, wrapped in fresh tortilla – this meal can satisfy your hunger throughout the day.

Masadosa in India

Made of rice with a mixture of mashed potatoes and dipped in pickles and various sauces based on lentil and tomato.

Chicken rice in Singapore

The meal is based on boiled chicken served with rice, cucumber and dark soy sauce.

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