The Best Ways to Make Iced Coffee

As the weather heats up, it’s likely that your cravings for a good cup of iced coffee are getting stronger. The problem that many of us face is that it’s not always convenient to run to the local coffee shop and grab a cup of their high quality brew, and even if it was, the expense of coffee shop iced coffee really adds up. The good news is that it’s possible to make a cup with your coffee machine that’s as good and in some cases better, than what you order at the coffee shop, if you would like to know how to make a coffer follow this website for a complete guide.

Cold Brew Large Quantities
The biggest mistake many people make when it comes to iced coffee is thinking they can just brew up a pot, and pour it over some ice. While this might be okay for some people, it won’t satisfy your customers. Hot brewing the coffee and mixing in ice lowers the overall quality of the flavor. The best way to make sure that the iced coffee tastes sweet is to cold brew it. This can take a great deal of time, but you’ll be able to make up large batches of the
cold brewed coffee at a time and store the drink for up to two weeks. Pre-making the cold brew in large quantities means you’ll serve better tasting iced coffee to your customers in record time.

Don’t Get Cheap When Selecting Your Coffee
There’s a huge difference between low quality, stale coffee, and good quality beans that have just been freshly ground and your customers will be able to taste the difference. The best way to make sure each cup of iced coffee you serve is by spending just a few extra dollars on high quality, whole beans and grinding them yourself. It’s okay to purchase a couple of weeks worth of beans at a time, but you should never use coffee beans that you’ve had for more than six months. Once you have your coffee beans, store them in an airtight clear glass or plastic container so they’ll stay fresh tasting for a longer period of time. The fresher the beans, the better the coffee will taste.

Use Fresh Ice
Just like water gets stagnate after it’s been sitting around for awhile, the flavor of your ice will also change after it’s a few weeks old. Aged ice also changes the flavor of your coffee. In addition to making sure you only use ice that has been freshly made, you need to be diligent about cleaning your ice maker since residue can build up on the appliance and change the way the ice tastes, resulting in foul tasting mug of iced coffee.

Brew the Coffee on the Strong Side
Since the ice in the iced coffee will eventually melt, it’s in your best interest to make the coffee a little stronger. That way, instead of having what tastes like water with a little coffee mixed in, your customers will still enjoy the full bodied flavor even after the ice has melted completely. If you still find that you don’t like the flavor of your iced coffee after the ice has melted, another option you might want to try is making ice cubes our of coffee and dropping those into your drink.

Stock up on Spices
Instead of picking up some coffee flavor syrups, you should buck convention and stock up on spices instead. Not only will you have a great time experimenting with how the different spices make your iced coffee taste, but many of the spices you’ll see,
such as cinnamon, can improve the overall quality of health.

Now that you have the ability to make a top-notch cup of coffee in your own home or office, you won’t believe how much more enjoyment you get out of the summer months.

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