The Benefits of Clayton Shagal Skincare

Are you looking for skincare products that are safe for your skin and at the same time will rejuvenate your skin giving you a younger glowing skin? You can try out the proven Clayton Shagal skin care products. Time and again these products have proved to be of immense benefit and have restored even the most damaged skin. Clayton Shagal has operated since 1982. At that point of time, it introduced only one product- a collagen gel. Thereafter, during the course of its journey down the years, it has never looked back.

A Canadian born company, it has taken the plunge in the arena of anti aging and skin regenerating beauty products. One of the primary reasons why the company has been successful is due to the fact that the main ingredients included in all its products are collagen, elastin, and water. Also, it has introduced a simple skin care regime with its products that comprises cleaning, preparing the skin for deep nourishing and moisturizing. The fact that the ingredients collagen, elastin, and water are used in all its skincare products has made them immense popular. Given below are the Clayton Shagal skin benefits and how each of the ingredients is beneficial for skincare.

Benefits of collagen and elastin

There is a middle layer in the skin that produces these naturally occurring proteins, namely, collagen and elastin. These structural proteins are responsible for making the skin elastic, supple, and smooth. There are many skincare products that use these ingredients owing to these properties. As such Clayton Shagal skin benefits can be attributed to these structural proteins that are used as ingredients. Since the skincare products are made up of collagen, elastin, and water, let us find out how each contributes as ingredients to these products.

Collagen is beneficial provided it is taken in the right format. It has been found that creams made of collagen aren’t as effective as oral supplements as they are not able to penetrate the deepest of skin layers. This was proved in a study and the report of which was published in “Skin Pharmacology and Physiology”, 2013. Elastin builds the fibrous tissue thereby imparting a plumpy effect to the skin. Also, it keeps the skin flexible and elastic.

Benefits of collagen

Collagen plays a vital role as it normalizes and revitalizes production of this protein. Repairs marks left by burns and scars aside from strengthening the foundation of the skin and imparting suppleness. It delays the onset of wrinkles and enhances the density of the skin and leads to recovery of the skin. If used at night before retiring to bed, it will give the best result. This is because night is the time when you get some time without interruption and the products work best as they get greater time to penetrate inside the skin. Also, if you are planning to opt for laser procedures, this is perhaps the best to use as it facilitates the laser procedure by preparing the skin by retaining adequate moisture.

Benefits of elastin

Aside from retaining moisture and keeping it hydrated, it offers adequate elasticity. It combines with collagen fibers thereby strengthening the skin. Also, it enhances skin tone, repairs sagging skin, and leads to skin firming. It helps in neutralizing the effects of toxins and balances facial oil in oily skin types.

Benefits of water

As far as benefits of water are concerned, it does not need any explanation. Regarded as the universal solvent, it improves circulation, flushes out harmful toxins from the body, aids digestion, facilitates absorption of nutrients, and above all keeps you hydrated at all times. Most importantly, it also helps in weight loss.

When we see individually the benefits of the ingredients of Clayton Shagal products, it goes beyond just offering beauty. As such, even the Clayton Shagal skin benefits cannot be undermined. So, enjoy these amazing skin care products and watch your personality grow.

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