Picking Foods That Will Help Heal You

Many people just don’t realise that the things that they eat affect the health of their body. Healthy food options like fresh fruits and vegetables give your body vitamins and nutrients that you need to live, move and be well.


Vitamins and supplements work to heal the body from the inside out, and have even been proven to help wounds heal and more. It’s pretty likely that at some point in your life your doctor has told you to eat more fruits and vegetables.


The Opposite of Healthy Eating


While eating well can help you heal, eating poorly can not only keep you sick but it can also make you sick. Eating unhealthy foods can cause heart disease, obesity, and even high cholesterol.


Eating the wrong foods can also cause you to not have enough energy to get through the day. You may feel like you need a few naps, you may not feel you can take the stairs at work and you may even have joint or bone pain.


That means not filling up on junk food. Swap chips for carrot sticks. Eating berries instead of chocolate bars. Dip your celery in hummus instead of peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter is good for you, but in moderation.


What Is Healthy Eating


One of the best ways to know you’re eating healthy is to purchase non-processed foods. Look for fresh produce, whole grains, fresh meat instead of frozen.


One of the tips that will help you the most when shopping is to buy all the things you need around the outside areas of the store. Just skip all the isles in the middle. This should take you to the freshest things, like vegetables and the deli and fresh meat.


Meat eaters, you don’t have to fear red meat, but make good choices when you buy it. Lean meat is the way to go when it comes to red meat. Venison is also an excellent heart healthy choice.


Getting Help


Even if you don’t have time to talk to your doctor about ways you can change your diet to live healthier, you can speak to a nurse. According to Power Personnel, a healthcare staffing company, nurses are very compassionate. You can rest assured your nurse will be happy to help you come up with healthy eating ideas that can make you feel better.

You may want to talk to a dietician if you are suffering with obesity, or if you’ve been diagnosed with something like diabetes or heart disease. They specialize in helping people get on diets that can help them heal.


When it’s time to head to the grocery store, make sure you eat before you go. You’ll be less likely to make poor food choices if you aren’t hungry. Hunger just makes you buy more junk food because it just looks good to your empty stomach!

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