How to Have the Most Authentic Vietnamese Dining Experience in London

As you try to search for the best Vietnamese restaurants in London, you will be surprised that they are all over the place. Street after street, you can find a Vietnamese restaurant that might trigger your curiosity. Of course, there is nothing wrong in trying them all out. However, if you wish to get the best and most authentic Vietnamese dining experience, you have to make sure that you research carefully.

Authentic chef

To begin with, you need to find out if the restaurant has a Vietnamese cook or someone who has studied how to cook Vietnamese cuisine. Formal training will suffice to ensure that you will get an authentic dining experience. However, if the place is just a copycat of other Vietnamese restaurants, then you might just end up disappointed. You will easily spot a chef who knows Vietnamese cuisine since he can easily manoeuvre all the ingredients, including the spices and other unique flavours.

Fresh ingredients

Another reason for being too picky is that some restaurants are not too particular when it comes to their ingredients. Some of them seem to not care at all whether they have fresh ingredients on the table or not. Worse, some of them just make use of Vietnamese seasonings that are already processed or packed. You will get only a copy of the real taste but not the authentic flavour. This will surely turn you off. You might not appreciate Vietnamese cuisine as much as you do when fresh ingredients are used and authentic spices are included.

The crowd

Another way to spot whether the Vietnamese restaurant in London is good or not, is to check the number of people eating there. Some restaurants barely have people who dine there. This speaks a lot about the kind of cuisine that they serve. However, some restaurants even have people falling in line just to get what they offer. They are even willing to wait outside until a table is available. There are also fresh Vietnamese treats such as pastries and snacks that some people are willing to grab before going to work. Although price is a factor on why some restaurants seem to be less patronised than others, it really does not matter if the place is really good.

Making the decision

In the end, the best way to choose the Vietnamese restaurant in London is to check out reviews by other people or the people you are close with. They will make an honest assessment of the place that they have already dined in. You can cross out those with bad reviews and stick only with the places that have positive reviews. If you want to take the risk, you can go ahead and try several restaurants and make up your mind later. Once you have found the right partner, you can always go back there and try out what they have to offer. For sure, in London, a lot of places wait for you.

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