Guidelines for Buying Beef for Your Meals

Guidelines for Buying Beef for Your Meals

When you are planning a meal for family, friends, or maybe colleagues around Hungerford, Inkpen, or Newbury, it’s important to have the right cut of beef so that your recipe will be just as delicious as you hope for. Whether you want to roast a brisket in a beer/parsnip/mushroom combination or simply throw some steaks on the grill, starting with the right cut of meat is the key to a successful dinner. Keep in mind that inexpensive cuts will require longer cooking to tenderise them, so determine the amount of your budget, the flavour that you want, and how long you have to prepare your meal before the guests arrive.

Let’s take a look at some of the cuts of beef you may want to consider and the benefits that it has for your meal.

  1. The first cut that is simply delicious is the brisket. It can be served in a variety of ways and will feed four people easily. It’s tender, has a wonderful taste, and will be the focal point of any meal that you prepare for your guests. If you are unsure of how to prepare a brisket, you may want to speak with the professional butchers at the Hungerford shops so you can prepare it to its premium flavour and texture.

  2. Another cut is called the skirt and is found on a cow’s underbelly. It’s an inexpensive cut that must be cooked carefully to avoid becoming tough. If you are planning a Cornish pastry dish, this is the perfect cut for your recipe.

  3. If you are preparing osso bucco you will want to use a shin cut which comes from the leg. It can be used as a substitute for veal and can be used in slices for your stews. Consider this cut if you want excellent taste at an affordable price.

  4. If you want to mince the meat that you buy and use it in a fajita steak recipe, then using flank steak is an ideal option. It comes from the abdominal muscle of the cow and can taste delicious in beef Wellington that is minced. By visiting the website you can find a variety of exceptional cuts that can add both flavour and texture to your recipes.

  5. Finally, for your tasty roast beef recipe you’ll want top rump roast that is economical yet can still add a depth of flavour to your Sunday dinner. You can add carrots and other vegetables and have a complete dinner quickly and easily for your guests.

Buying the right cut of meat for your specific recipe can add tenderness, flavour, and depth to your meal that your guests will really appreciate. When you are not familiar with the cut you are considering ask your butcher how it should be prepared and which of your dishes it will work best with. Serving a delicious meal is sure to please the appetites of everyone at your table.

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