Great Tasting Sandwich recipes using Mayonnaise

We all love a great tasting Sandwich and what better way to create the perfect sandwich filling than to use mayonnaise for a rich and creamy filling. Mayonnaise is a traditional favourite for sandwich fillings and you can pretty much add anything you want. Here we look at some great tasting sandwich fillings that you can create yourself by adding Mayonnaise and other ingredients.
Chicken with BBQ Mayonnaise
Simply add BBQ sauce to your mayonnaise to create the perfect smoky BBQ chicken Sandwich Filling. Finish with salad to create the perfect sandwich filling fit for any lunch.
Chicken, Ham & Pineapple
Traditionally a pizza filling, this combination of ingredients once mixed with mayonnaise can create a lovely fruity and fresh sandwich filling that is also packed with meat. Add lemon juice for extra zest and Salt and pepper.
Tandoori Chicken 
By adding tandoori paste, cumin, and mint, you can create the perfect Indian sandwich filling. Simply add diced chicken and finish with some crisp lettuce for the perfect international sandwich.
Chicken, Mandarin & Apple
A somewhat more exotic sandwich filling that combines Chicken, Mandarin, Apple and mayonnaise to create a great tasting sandwich filling. Serve on brown bread.
Seafood Cocktail 
To make your own prawn Marie sauce, simply add Tomato Ketchup and paprika to your mayonnaise. Any seafood can be used which can include prawns and crab sticks.
Cheese & Apple Salad
Add chopped celery, Apple, and grated cheese to create a light and healthy sandwich filling. Combine all the ingredients with a dollop of mayonnaise, salt and pepper to create another great tasting sandwich filling.
Mozzarella, pesto, Sundried Tomatoes & Mayonnaise
Another unusual but great tasting sandwich filing is to take some of Italy’s best ingredients and combine them with a rich and creamy mayonnaise. Use Mozzarella, Pesto and sun dried tomatoes combined with mayonnaise to create a great tasting sandwich filling.
Tuna Celery & Onion
For many mayonnaise companies such as Rich Sauces or Hellmann’s, Tuna mayonnaise is used heavily in marketing campaigns as it is very popular with mayonnaise whether for a sandwich filling or a jacket potato filling. A classic combination, simply add celery, sweet corn, apple, onion or chives to give it an extra dimension.
Coronation Chicken
An all time favourite sandwich filling that is available in almost any café where you can by a great sandwich. Curry powder is added to mayonnaise alongside chicken, spices and raisins to create a great tasting sandwich filling.
Smoked Salmon & Egg Mayonnaise
Add smoked salmon, chives and egg to create a very rich a creamy mayonnaise sandwich filling. Add plenty of seasoning and prepare on Wholemeal and granary bread.
There are endless possibilities with mayonnaise so why not even experiment at home with your own fillings and try one the recipes above.
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