Fresh Meat Provides Essential Protein

A healthy body needs protein. It helps tissue repair thereby speeding up recovery from any injuries such as cuts. It is a source of energy together with carbohydrates and certainly helps fight disease by strengthening the immune system. The body will not store protein as such, so it is important to know that it is being ‘taken on board’ regularly. Sportsmen and women in need of stamina and strength often have a protein-rich diet because protein helps speedy recovery after muscle deterioration. Too much protein is not advisable for ordinary people doing little exercise, but for the really active there are purely benefits.

Protein-rich Foods

One of the best sources of protein is food including fish, eggs, nuts, beans and lean meat. Children need protein to help with their growth. If a family is to have a healthy diet, it must be balanced with protein as a central ingredient. White meat like chicken is very good and it is something that lends itself to an excellent range of cuisine, everything from curries to simple roasts.

The source of meat has become a topic of interest in recent years. When the ‘horsemeat scandal’ was exposed two years ago, the whole question of the country’s eating habits resurfaced. Processed meat without accurate labelling was suddenly under question. Even though new procedures were put into place to prevent problems reoccurring – doubts remain.

Fresh Deliveries

Companies like are proud to tell all their customers the source of their meat. It is packed and delivered fresh to their customers’ doors. It is the kind of convenient service that counters the major supermarkets that have dominated food shopping for years. Their dominance has resulted in many small shops closing all over the country. While there are several chains of supermarkets competing for consumer spending it does not necessarily add up to good news for the consumer. While price cuts ensure that consumers can get real value – there are questions about quality that persist.

Supermarket Domination

There is no doubt that fresh food is a far better option than processed meats and ready meals. Supermarkets do have fresh meat counters yet consumers still seem happy to buy convenience food that can be ready to eat after just a few minutes in a microwave. People often claim they are too busy to cook each day, especially with family members involved in various activities such as playing sport, meeting friends or enjoying a film.

Good companies supplying fresh produce to the door can do their bit. The rest is up to re-educating people to think about what they eat and drink. Protein is important to everyone, but little can be found in popular fried foods, fizzy drinks and ready meals.

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