Fresh Meat as Part of a Healthy Diet

There is increasing concern about the diet of countries in the Western world. Increasingly, it seems that the public is consuming more convenience food, readymade meals that can often contain far more salt as a preservative and sugar as a sweetener than should be eaten on a daily basis. Some people say they are too busy to do otherwise, others simply like the taste and disregard some of the warnings about the need for a balanced diet.


The question is about much more than personal choice and preferences because poor diet and obesity has an impact on the national health budgets of these countries. In the UK, the NHS is severely stretched by problems associated with diet and the ailments that can sometimes result. Nutritionists say that people should be eating more fresh food and have less reliance on the freezer. Fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish and certainly fewer snacks and fizzy drinks would be of benefit to everyone and would relieve the pressure on health services very quickly.

No one is suggesting a dull diet by any means but people who cook their own food from scratch will know exactly what is going into the meal. Herbs and spices can be added to taste and vegetables that are bought fresh, and sparingly fried, can really make a meal.


There is nothing wrong with lean meat; perhaps people should not eat Halal steaks every day but if the meat is fresh and properly cooked it will do no harm as part of a regular balanced diet. The problem with meat comes about because once it is processed in any form it is extremely difficult to identify exactly what it is. Consumers should be able to trust the food industry totally but when it comes to sausages, burgers and mince, if its origin and composition is vague then it is better to steer clear.

A reliable meat supplier will be more than happy to tell its customers exactly where all its meat comes from and that includes things like mince that they produce. There are too many nice recipes using mince for it to lose its popularity.


Anyone who finds a good meat supplier can expect to get good service and an answer to any question he or she raises. It always used to be the case that the local butcher was happy to discuss the whole subject of meat and those companies that operate primarily online and deliver to the door are of a like mind. They realise that they have to build up trust with their customers and one way to create and maintain a strong customer base is to do exactly that.

Next time you are thinking about stocking the freezer full of meat, why not try something different? Get delivery of fresh meat to your door. You can continue to do that regularly simply by going online. Convenient, isn’t it?

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