Finding The Balance: How To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is necessary in order to enjoy a long and fruitful life. After all, why would you strive towards working for the future if you won’t be able to enjoy it? A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating right and getting the right exercise; it also means taking care of your mental and emotional well-being as well. Working yourself to the bone without paying attention to what makes you happy will make you feel lost and unhappy, so make sure you make time for yourself. Indulge yourself with your favorite coconut macaroons, go for a relaxing massage, and have a day out with your most trusted friend—it will do wonders for your well-being!

Here are the top three things you can do to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle:

Eat right.

Proper nutrition is essential in making your body strong and healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water. There’s a reason nature made brightly-colored fruits and veggies: to attract our attention. High in anti-oxidants, these fruits and veggies help rid the body of free radicals that damage our cells. Here’s the nutritious rainbow to tickle your palate and keep you healthy:

  • Red – apple, tomato, strawberry, watermelon
  • Orange – papaya, orange
  • Yellow – mango, pineapple
  • Green – cucumber, avocado, guava, celery, lettuce, broccoli
  • Blue/Purple – prunes, eggplant, blackberry
  • White – mushroom, banana

As much as possible, stay away from processed food that are full of preservatives. For carbohydrates, go for ‘brown’ ones such as oats, brown rice, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and oatmeal. Compared to ‘white’ carbs such as pasta, noodles, white rice, and anything with breading and flour, brown carbs come with the vitamins and nutrients intact. Fill yourself up with water. Water is important in hydrating the body, carrying out bodily functions, removing waste, and it also makes you less likely to overeat!

Stay physically active.

Exercise isn’t just for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight. Studies have shown that regular physical activity contributes to building strong bones and fighting osteoporosis, strengthening the body’s immune system, improving body strength and flexibility, and preventing depression by inducing the release of so-called “happy hormones” that give us a positive feeling of well-being. Instead of hopping into your car to go to the post office a couple of blocks away, walk, brisk walk, or ride a bike. Work out different parts of your body and pick exercises that work for you and you actually enjoy. Add variation to keep your workouts fun and interesting. Take up a sport and play with your friends!

Have a healthy mind.

A good state of mind enables us to make good decisions in life. Reducing stress is one way to achieve this. It is also important to make time for activities and hobbies that you enjoy. Getting enough sleep also does wonders for our mental and emotional well-being—do you notice how cranky you get when you don’t get enough sleep? Being well-rested also increases our focus on our daily tasks and activities such as driving and working. Practice positivity and give yourself time to breathe and meditate. If you have been feeling overly anxious or depressed, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

With these tips, we hope you find the right balance in your life. Stay happy and healthy!

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