Camping recipes and tips you need to know

The trouble with camping is that you won’t get to benefit from the same amount of things you might have in your kitchen at home. That’s why you need to pack appropriately so that you realize just what items you will truly require at the campsite and which ones you could do without.

If you own an RV, you are one of the lucky travelers in the world, because there are a plethora of recipes available online and offline for those who live in motorhomes. Even if you haven’t reached your campsite, you can conveniently cook a hearty meal in the comfort of your camper.

However, if buying an SUV tent makes more sense to you, you won’t be able to eat anything aside from energy bars and healthy snacks until you reach the campsite. Without further ado, we have made a list of some recipes you might want to try out on your next camping adventure.

One-pot meals

Most campers love one-pot meals, and that’s because they make a lot less mess compared to those where you need several pots and pans. You won’t have to scrub several pots after everyone’s had their meal, right?

Besides, all of the food is ready at the same time. As you probably know, you can’t pop anything in the microwave oven when you’re camping, so you need to make your receipts as simple as possible. For more people, just bring a bigger pot from home.

For your sweet tooth

Using a cast iron skillet, you can make an S’mores dip, campfire apple crisp, and even mac and cheese (although this one isn’t necessarily sweet). Sure, it might be easier for you to get some of this stuff premade or pre-prepared at home. For example, you can get your cooked pasta and keep it properly in your car and then cook a great meal with it once you reach the campsite, in the evening.

You can also make beer pancakes, which are said to be downright delicious. Of course, the person that invented the recipe says that you need a bit of fancy beer for the purpose, so go for brands like Corona and Heineken because apparently, they can help make the pancakes fluffier.

Appetizers and main courses

Did you know that you can make breadsticks when you’re camping? All you need is some store-bought dough. You’ll have to wrap it around a stick and then hold it over the fire. If you want to eat something cheesy and deliciously savory, you can always go for a simple Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich. All you have to do is slice one loaf of bread, fill it up with peppers, onions, cheese, as well as roast beef or the meat of your choice, and then cover it with tin foil. Place it over the fire and over the course of several minutes, it’ll be done. You can use the same foil to make BBQ chicken. Toss some pieces of chicken with veggies, fruit, and barbecue sauce into a foil pack and place it over the fire.

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