A History: Everything You Need to Know About Sushi


Sushi is becoming more and more popular in the UK. But, do you really know much about it? This food has a rich and interesting history, of which more people should be aware.

What is Sushi?
Some people think that sushi is all about raw fish. That, however, is completely wrong. The word “sushi” actually refers to the sticky rice that is used in the food. If you’re after raw fish (sans the rice) you should ask for sashimi. In addition to fish, you will find meat fillings and toppings and plenty of vegetable based one too, for all you vegetarians and vegans.

When was it created?
Sushi was first created prior to the 8th century. Although it is now considered a Japanese dish, it originally came from South East Asia and then spread into China before coming to Japan. Sushi at that time was salted fish wrapped in fermented rice. Today, this type of sushi is known as nare-zushi. Traditionally Japanese sushi, which is still popular now, came about in Japan in the Edo period and is known as haya-zushi. It was a long time before you could get delivery sushi though.

How to eat Sushi?
There are a lot of traditions surrounding sushi and people have different opinions on how it should be eaten. Of course, you can eat it however you like, but in some sushi bars certain actions might be considered rude. Although many places serve your sushi with soy sauce and wasabi on the side, this is not customary in Japan, especially in top sushi bars. The sushi chef will have already added the amount of soy sauce and wasabi that he thinks is appropriate so adding more, or dunking your sushi into it, would be impolite. Although most people would agree that using chop sticks is good practice for maki rolls, you should probably use your fingers for nigiri sushi, as it is designed to fall apart in your mouth so you would likely break it with chop sticks. It is best to eat each piece of sushi in one bite.

Who makes the Sushi?
Sushi from restaurants is, of course, made by sushi chefs. In Japan, every good sushi chef goes through rigorous training and is very highly regarded   and highly paid. Traditionally, only men are trained as sushi chefs, although this is gradually changing. Each sushi chef would start out as an apprentice and it may take up to five years of watching his superiors before he is even allowed to make the rice. Once this is perfected, he would be allowed to chop fish and vegetables for the chefs and gradually progress from there.

So, there is more to sushi than you might originally think. Not only is it a tasty treat, it is also an iconic food with lots of tradition behind it. Always go for authentic sushi, as otherwise you are sure to be disappointed. If you’re feeling hungry now, try finding some delivery sushi in your area.

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