6 Food Stuff to Munch on While You Stroll Around New York City

New York is a food aficionado’s paradise as it’s home to a wide variety of cultures. Together with the different individuals that live and work in New York every day, it can’t be helped for them to get a little homesick. And that’s how New York became one of the most diverse places for a person’s taste buds. Taking a good look at upper west side restaurants can give you a comprehensive list of choices and dishes to buy for your palate’s pleasure. If you’re going for a stroll and dealing witha tight budget, but you want to take only the best of the best, here are six dishes that you have to taste during your stay in the Big Apple.

  1. Burgers

An American classic, burger joints are nothing new to New York. You can find some of the greasiest burgers in New York, boasting a meanconcoction of grilled meat and cheese on top. You’d be wise to check your cholesterol levels after grabbing a bite as New York burgers are notorious for tasting heavenly and equally heavy on your bloodstream.

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  1. Pizza

You’d be missing out if you haven’t tried grabbing a bite at one of New York’s brick oven pizzerias. Pizza is a timeless culinary masterpiece that you can take for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. You can go for just a slice or a while box depending on your mood. If you’re a fan of pizza, New York is the place for you to satisfy your cravings with pizzerias of every kind and nature with their respective signature flavors populate a good number of street corners.

  1. Hotdogs

A proper hotdog stand doesn’t just serve you hotdog on a bun; you’ll be amazed to see how creative these vendors can be in spicing things up with toppings and sauces that you never thought possible. Grabbing one on the bun just across the block could turn out to be one of the most exciting experiences you can do.

  1. Bagels

Bagels as a breakfast staple have had a bad rep with airplanes unintentionally sabotaging the name and likening it to the concrete-tough bread which goes with jam or butter. The authentic NYC bagel does more than play around with bagel or jam. With diverse flavors to choose from, you’ll never look at bagels the same way again after having a real breakfast bagel from New York.

  1. Corn on the cob

You wouldn’t expect such a simple dish on this list, but NYC doesn’t just lather their cobs with butter like on a hot summer day. If you find the right food truck to serve it, having Mexican-style corn on the cob will change your perception of how simple is better.

  1. Cheesecakes

You’d be unwise not to try out a dish in the place where it’s named. Having a ‘New York Cheesecake’ in New York does some a bit redundant, but after having a taste of its delectable goodness, you’d understand why New York Cheesecake is a flavor imitated by bakeries around the globe.

Image: Pixabay.com

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