5 Weird and Wonderful Tasty Treats

The great thing about food is that there’s always something new to try, whether it is a Middle Eastern dish or an Asian snack. After a meal of Italian pasta, you may want to go out and buy macaroons done in the Spanish, French, Turkish, Irish, American, or even Scottish style. Indeed, there are many kinds of food with their own regional varieties and it’s exciting to know that they even exist!

Some kinds of food may sound weird and too exotic for you, but where they come from, they’re considered delicacies. If you’re feeling up to some food adventure, here are just five examples of weird and wonderful tasty treats from around the world that you can try.

Frog Sashimi

When it comes to sashimi, the first country that comes to mind is Japan. One of the delicacies offered in select sushi restaurants in Japan is just that—a sashimi that’s made of frog parts. When you order the frog sashimi in Asadachi in Tokyo, the chef comes over to you with a live frog, cuts the frog open right in front of you, and gives you the frog’s still-beating heart using chopsticks. The frog will then be sliced and diced as you put the heart in your mouth and take a bite. The rest of the plate will consist of the uncooked frog flesh, ready for you to gobble up.

Eskimo Ice Cream

Ice cream sounds normal enough, but done the Eskimo way, it could make you think twice about ordering a cup. The ice cream prepared by Eskimos have existed for generations and is called akutaq. The special ingredient? Reindeer fat. Eskimos need a lot of fat to keep them keep warm in the freezing climate. Aside from reindeer, other forms of animal fat may also be mixed into the ice cream, such as moose and seal, depending on the availability. Toppings include dried salmon eggs, fish, and alright, berries. The traditional form of Eskimo ice cream does not make use of sugar, but some now make use of sweetener.


It sounds like a character straight out of a Willy Wonka film, but the Cherpumple is actually a dessert that’s made from cherry, pumpkin, and apple, all in their pie forms, thus the name. The pies are baked into a spice cake. The Cherpumple was created by Charles Phoenix, a popular humorist, who was inspired by the way his family sampled different kinds of pie during the holidays.

Bread and Butter Pudding

Hailing from England, bread and butter pudding is the ingenious creation of 18th-century British housewives who came up with a brilliant dessert idea about what to do with stale bread so that it doesn’t go to waste. It was so good that it is still served in many pubs to this day. The pudding is not only made of (stale) bread and butter, but also nutmeg, raisins, milk, and eggs. Some puddings are sprinkled with spices and vanilla while some have custard, marmalade, and even beer.

Tavuk Göğsü

Hard to pronounce, but easy to eat. This sweetmilk and chicken breast dessert from Turkey is weird in the sense that chicken isn’t usually an ingredient in a dessert dish. Aside from chicken and sweetened milk, tavuk göğsü also has cinnamon and rice flour. The chicken breast is first boiled and softened, then separated into fibers. It is then added with the rest of the ingredients and cooked in a copper pot into a rich and creamy treat.

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