5 perfect mayonnaise dishes

Mayonnaise is an incredibly popular sauce and has been for generations. There isn’t one mayonnaise company that makes it because there are plenty to choose from that are renowned for their products. As it is versatile, there are many dishes which it can be added to, such as the following:


Barbeque food

There are many types of meat which are cooked at a barbeque. Along with burgers and hot dogs, kebabs can also be cooked on barbeques and mayonnaise added after. Mayonnaise can be modified according to flavour. Cayenne pepper and honey are popular flavours and so too is mustard.


There are many types of potato-based dishes which can have a side serving of mayonnaise. Along with chips and wedges, mayonnaise can be added to hash browns. By choosing a mayonnaise company band which makes a low fat version, a huge dollop of mayonnaise can be enjoyed by everyone.


Along with turkey, chicken is one of the healthiest meats around. Full of protein and zinc, chicken is low in fat and can help someone to lose weight. Children love to have mayonnaise with chicken nuggets or on their roast chicken. So that the health benefits of chicken are not wiped out, choose low fat mayonnaise. Chicken is normally enjoyed with a sauce, such as tomato ketchup, but low fat mayonnaise is perfect. When mayonnaise is served with chicken, it won’t taste as dry and will, in fact, have a mouth-watering flavour.


One of the most popular dishes in the world, sandwiches can be improved by adding mayonnaise. There are plenty of sandwich fillings which mayonnaise can be added to such as cheese, roast beef and salad. It can also be a replacement for butter. Typically high in fat, a low fat variation of mayonnaise can be added to a salad sandwich.


A versatile dish, pasta is enjoyed by scores of people around the world. Although it originated from Italy, dried pasta can be bought in supermarkets. Pasta can be enjoyed at any time of the day, such as at lunch. Mayonnaise can be added to pasta and sweetcorn. By putting a tin of sweetcorn into a bowl along with several tablespoons of mayonnaise, this popular dish will satisfy any hunger pains. Salt and pepper can also be added to give more flavour. Grilled chicken can even be added to pasta and mayonnaise. By chopping roast chicken into strips, it will taste even better. As it only takes about twenty minutes to grill chicken and three minutes to boil pasta, this dish can be created very quickly.

These dishes are the tip of the iceberg because there are plenty of others which mayonnaise can be added to.

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