5 Kitchen Tools You Don’t Know You Need Yet

In recent years, single use products were all the rage, with a seemingly endless parade of cumbersome countertop clutter collecting in kitchens across the country. Today, in a time where many are choosing to simplify their lives, utility is paramount. Devices that get the most use are more prized than ever before while any gadget that’s not pulling its weight is bound to be pushed out the door. Despite this, there are a few new home goods that should be fixtures in virtually every kitchen. These 5 devices have functions that can’t quite be replicated by any other device in the typical home, lending to their status as indispensable for many home cooks.

All-In-One Cooking Machine

Specialized devices like rice steamers, food processors and slow cookers are among the first victims of the kitchen minimalist movement. Instead, combination prep-cookers like the Tefal Cuisine Companion from Harvey Norman have risen in popularity, performing traditionally manual kitchen tasks like chopping and mixing as well as cooking functions including steaming and boiling to create a device that replaces the vast majority of tools in the typical kitchen.

Soda Maker

Sugary, processed drinks are under more scrutiny than ever before in the wake of growing awareness to their link with obesity and a range of other health concerns, and so home soda makers have quickly become one of the most popular additions to the modern kitchen. These convenient machines turn plain water into freshly made soda with far less additives than the beverages on store shelves, making them a much more preferable choice for the health and flavor conscious.

Wine Coolers

For lovers of wine, keeping their bottles at the ideal temperature for storage is key to pouring a perfect, velvety smooth glass. True connoisseurs demand much more precise temperature control than the typical refrigerator provides, and so a quality countertop wine preservation system is an excellent investment, allowing bottles to be stored as well as dispensing wine directly from the device.

Silicone Baking Liners

While metal bakeware still remains the standard, silicone offers enough advantages over it to make it an objectively superior alternative. Silicone is both more durable and lower maintenance than metal, resistant to extreme temperatures as well as food adhesion thanks to the nonstick properties of the material. With silicone liners, even sticky rolled dough slides off without incident and cleanup is as easy as wiping a clean cloth over the surface of the liner.

Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are another type of device that crosses the line from specialty gadget to necessity for lovers of keurig pods drinks. The machines of today bypass the outmoded models of yesteryear with fully automatic operation using k cups, consistent results, and the ability to brew multiple cups simultaneously for a truly modernized take on the device.

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